Whisky has experienced a major resurgence over the last few years, the world market for whisky has expanded, new distilleries have opened across the globe providing us with an inundation of new and exciting taste profiles to challenge those of the old Scottish and Irish masters. However, the multitude of choice has become so daunting that newcomers to whisky may be intimidated; sometimes too much choice simply drives us to opt for our old faithful familiar dram!

On top of that those whisky connoisseurs can be quite a hoity-toity bunch. If you don’t know your quercus robus from your quercus acuta or your quercus alba from your Idris Elba, if you don’t drink from the proper glass and actually admit to preferring ice rather than room temperature sourced water…then doomed you be, doomed I tell you!

But enjoyment of whisky should simply be that…about enjoyment and appreciation. A good tasting experience, that removes the pompous voodoo which they do so well, can lead you into a whole new adventurous world of aroma’s, flavours, and cask finishes. A relaxed tutored tasting should remove your nervousness, it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about experiencing something new and exciting!

Spirit of Alba can help you do this. We can organise a Tasting Experience for you, for a group of like-minded friends, for a party, anniversary, for business, for whatever the reason Spirit of Alba can help you achieve your desired goal. As such, each and every event will be unique, designed around your specific and individual requirements and can be as relaxed or as educational as you desire.



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