Spirit of Alba NEAT Spirits Glass


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Glasswear: Spirits Glass

Colour/Style: SoA Branded Slovakian Crystal

Maker: NEAT

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Here’s our very own branded Spirit of Alba NEAT glass which was released for our Spirit of Alba Gin & Whisky Festival.  It’s a beautiful glass made all the better with the addition of ‘Spirit of Alba’. A nice one to add to your spirit glass collection.


The NEAT Glass has been described as the ‘ultimate spirits glass’. NEAT — stands for “Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology” — it is shaped like a pot still and functions in much the same way. It funnels the meaningful aromas to the nose while its flared rim dissipates the sting of alcohol burn. As a result, spirits do not need to be “watered” for tasting. I could get all technical on you but the best way to find out is to try it!