Quaich (Celtic Cross)


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Quaich: Pewter

Style: Celtic Cross No.37

Maker: Pewtermill

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The Quaich is traditionally offered in Scotland as a cup of greeting. The word derives from the gaelic “cuach” which means “shallow cup”. This simple cup has two handles or ‘lugs’ as they are more colloquially known and were originally made from a variety of materials including wood, horn, leather or as this one is from pewter. The Quaich is now regaining popularity as the apparel to toast any happy occasion. Our Quaichs are handmade in Scotland in pewter by the craftsmen from Pewtermill. Diameter 9cm approx and depth from base to edge of Quaich 2cm. This hand-crafted Quaich is beautifully presented in a navy blue satin lined box and looks stunning.

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