Glencairn Copita Glass & Cover


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Product: Tasting Glass + Cover

Maker: Glencairn Glass

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The Glencairn Copita Glass can be used for both whisky and sherry. This relatively small tulip bowled glass is used by the distillers and Master Blenders to nose whiskies. The tulip shape of the bowl allows the liquid to be swirled sufficiently prior to nosing and the small opening retains the alcohol vapours and concentrates the nose. Once the whisky has been poured it is always a great idea to seal the glass with a cover such as a tasting cap, then swirl and leave for a few minutes to let it stand and allow the aromas to intertwine with the oxygen and develop sufficiently giving the perfect nose!
It’s just as well that the glass cover is included with the Glencairn Nosing Copita Glass.