Royal Brackla – Spirit of Alba – 14yo


Royal Brackla – Spirit of Alba – 14yo

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A fusion of head-banging oak and rebellious muscat grapes. Like a mosh pit of flavours, it hits you with a punch of raw energy and a rebellious scent that sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. A riot of fruits taking centre stage—juicy peaches stage-diving into your senses, apricots crowd-surfing on waves of vibrant tangerine euphoria, and a surge of tropical fruit crashing into your palate.

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Royal Brackla - Spirit of Alba - 14yo

Royal Brackla – Spirit of Alba – 14yo



This is the spirit of alba, working in conjunction with Iain @ Fib Whisky we hand picked this absolute banger of a cask, darker than Craigs soul! We have 168 of these, when they are gone, then they are gone and we need to decide what to do next. To be so involved in ever part of this process was incredible for us and we couldn’t thank Iain enough for all his help with, picking a cask and then the patience in waiting us to finish the artwork and tasting notes. We have had our hand on ever aspect of this bottle and that’s why we like to think it is a proper representation of us, its stupidly good. Stupidly good products need to be sung and shouted at, so this is getting put on a pedestal and shouted from the heavens about, i’m not biased but I quite simply wouldn’t have put our name on something that was inferior. I guess that’s the good bit about it being our bottle, and our website… I’m away to go make it our whisky of the month… NAY DECADE! I can do that you know! Fill your boots, this wont last long.