Baillie Nicol Jarvie


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Country: Scotland

Style: Blend

Distillery: Glenmorangie

Age: 8

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 70cl

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Here we have an older bottling of BNJ. Bailie Nicol Jarvie was a character made famous in Walter Scott’s novel Rob Roy. Jarvie was a ‘Bailie’ (Scottish term for a magistrate) who tackled a sword-wielding Highland clansman at Clachan of Aberfoyle, setting fire to his kilt with a red-hot poker. More importantly, it was a magnificent blend with what was the highest Single Malt content @ 60% of any Scottish blended whisky. It was produced by Glenmorangie before being discontinued in 2014. That high malt content was eventually the cause of its downfall when Glenmorangie stated that the high demand for Single Malt no longer made the BNJ viable. Here’s your opportunity to enjoy one of the most desirable blends available.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fresh, fruity, with vanilla pears and violets.
Palate: Full flavoured and full bodied. With the merest flicker of smoke the fruit breaks through providing lemon tartness, toffee sweetness and rich maltiness.
Finish: Long, warm, sweet, malty with a whiff of smoke.