Nikka Coffey Gin


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Country: Japan

Style: Gin

Distiller: Nikka

Age: NAS

ABV: 47%

Bottle size: 70cl

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Better known for its incredible range of whiskies Nikka has been making vodka and gin for the Japanese market for many years. However it has now produced a new gin for the rest of the world – Nikka Coffey Gin.

Made using a base of barley and corn and produced in the company’s signature Coffey stills, the gin is packed with fruit flavour extravaganza thanks to a recipe that includes exotic citrus fruits: yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu and shikuwasa. The citrus is balanced against tangy apples and spicy sansho pepper, giving this gin a Japanese twist.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes 

Nose: Loads of citrus fruit to start – yuzu, lemon zest and rich orange juice. Soft and buttery spice is layered underneath. Citrusy and spicy juniper sits between the two, bridging the gap.

Palate: Initially sweet but then the citrus rolls in – layers of fruit, peel and pith. There’s an exoticness to the combination, hinting at a tropical fruit salad, but it’s grounded by soft spice and earthy juniper.

Finish:Spice and citrus peel lead, fading to leave sweet and sour citrus zest.